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Plant Wall

plantwalldesign specializes in customized live vertical gardens, also known as green walls,  living walls, vegetated walls, and plant walls.

Artistic vegetal sequences are designed and rendered using tropical plants to beautify the spaces they inhabit and leave a sense of serenity and well-being.

Since 2007, plantwalldesign  has created indoor and outdoor projects in public spaces, offices, lobbies, universities, stores, cafés, restaurants, and private residences.

plantwalldesign works with architects, developers, general contractors, plumbers, electricians, and directly with home and business owners to coordinate and bring projects to life.

Scope of Work / What We Do
For Arcitects & Developers

Design Development (DD): Sketch coordination with architect, including wall sections, elevations, piping/pump diagrams, location of lighting, production of outline specification similar to the CSI specifications.

Construction Documentation (CD): Coordination of plants species and layout with architect.
- Continued consultation/coordination with architect, particularly as relating to anticipated value engineering of size and construction of walls.
- Production of CSI ( construction specifications institute) specifications.

Construction Administration (CA): Review of shop drawings, review of wall construction and related plumbing, electrical, and lighting systems, supervision of plants installation.


Submittals: Product data in the form of manufacturer's current catalog cut sheets/specifications, samples as necessary (structure, expanded pvc, felt, valves ...). Description of inventory of plants warranty (where applicable).

Products / systems: Description of hardware, plumbing and electrical systems itemized list of materials and products quantities (with descriptions).

Execution: Outline of preparation steps and procedures for construction of wall, and preparation steps and procedures for planting.

Testing: Description of waterproofing test, description of irrigation/drainage system test.

Maintenance: Description of maintenance requirements.


Patented Technology

plantwalldesign has patented a Vertical Gardens Technology.
The invention consists of a hydroponic growing system that nurtures live plants on walls.
The integrated automatic irrigation system delivers nutrients and water in daily intervals to ensure plants remain vital and healthy.
The felt growing medium serves as a blank canvas, and the vegetal sequences design is not bound to a grid.  During installation, pockets are cut by hand in the fabric to secure each plant individually with minimal soil. The finished structure is a thin, light weight wall installation.
The plantwalldesign system is optimum for tropical plants because it reproduces their natural growing conditions. Vertical Gardens Technology is fully custom and robust.



Indoor vertical gardens offer health and wellness benefits. Plants consume carbon dioxide and purify the air of volatile organic compounds. Vertical gardens regulate indoor temperature and humidity through the process of transpiration. In addition to generating a temperate environment, plants have a pleasant aroma.
Large vertical garden installations provide soundproofing because of the capacity of the felt material and plants themselves to absorb acoustic energy.
The peaceful atmosphere created by a vertical garden increases morale and productivity. Living walls refresh viewers’ awareness, reduce stress, and elicit a meditative mood.



Vertical gardens operate automatically and are maintained by plantwalldesign staff.
During a maintenance visit, vertical gardeners trim the plants as needed to preserve the original vegetal sequences design of the wall. They also tend the irrigation system (timer, valve, pump, lines, and drippers) to verify that the automatic schedule is perfectly regulated and different plant species are watered as needed. This careful maintenance is paramount to plants’ optimal growth.



Works in Progress

  • September 2017 Avenues School NYC - Eight (8) Moss Walls, total surface: 173 square feetz
  • August 2017 Residential Apartment West Midtown  NYC - Vertical Garden surface: 28 square feet - Plants quantities: 196
  • March 2017 Harvard University  Cambridge, MA - Architects: Hopkins UK & MVVA, MA - Eight (8) Vertical gardens, total surface: 1766 square feet - Plants quantities: 12,360


Finished Work

  • March 2017 Oxford University NYC - Two (2) Vertical gardens, total surface: 26 square feet - Plants quantities: 182
  • February 2017 Residential Townhouse Upper East Side NYC - Architect: jba collective Vertical garden surface: 90 square feet - Plants quantities: 650
  • January 2017 Residential Apartment Gramercy NYC - Architect: Shamir Shah Design Two (2) Vertical gardens, total surface: 166 square feet - Plants quantities: 1200
  • October 2016 Bollare Showroom Flatiron District NYC - Vertical garden surface: 66 square feet - Plants quantities: 480
  • August 2016 Sweet Polly Coktail Bar Park Slope Brooklyn - Vertical garden surface: 53 square feet - Plants quantities: 380
  • June 2016 Residential Townhouse Chelsea NYC - Vertical garden surface: 112 square feet - Plants quantities: 800
  • May 2016 Luxury Handbag Corporate Headquarters Hudson Yards NYC - Architect: Studios Three (3) Vertical gardens, total surface: 576 square feet - Plants quantities: 4000
  • March 2016 Austin Nichols House Building Williamsburg Brooklyn - Architect: Morris Adjmi Vertical garden surface: 497 square feet - Plants quantities: 3500
  • December 2015 Wrapido Resaurant Hells Kitchen NYC - Vertical Garden surface: 20 square feet - Plants quantities: 140
  • October 2015 Kalahari Building Harlem NYC - Vertical Garden surface: 250 square feet - Plants quantities: 1800
  • October 2015 Residential Upper West Side NYC - Vertical Garden surface: 31 square feet - Plants quantities: 220
  • August 2015 Duggal Building #25 - Brooklyn Navy Yard - Architect: Studio Go Vertical garden surface: 100 square feet - Plants quantities: 700 - Moss Wall surface: 100 square feet
  • July 2015 Weill Cornell Doctors Office Park Place NYC - Architect: KAHN Vertical garden surface: 497 quare feet - Plants quantities: 3500
  • June 2015 Residential House Park Slope Brooklyn Vertical Garden surface: 42 square feet - Plants quantities: 300
  • Mai 2015 Bank of China 7 Bryant Park NYC - Landscape Architect: Pei Cobb Vertical Garden surface: 384 square feet - Plants quantities: 2800
  • April 2015 Venmo  Corporate Office NYC - Vertical Garden surface: 31 square feet - Plants quantities: 220 - Moss Wall surface: 49 square feet
  • November 2014 Residential House - Oak Beach LI Vertical Garden surface: 90 square feet - Plants quantities: 530
  • October 2014 Cafe Devocion Williamsburg Brooklyn - Architect: Gregory Okshteyn - Vertical Garden surface: 156 square feet - Plants quantities: 1092
  • September 2014 SNF Corporate Office Madison Avenue NYC Two (2) Moss Walls, total surface: 70 square feet
  • July 2014 UN Plaza Residential NYC - Architect: Cicognani Kalla Architect Edible Herbs & Vegetables Vertical Garden
  • March 2014 Alfieri Building Atrium Edison, NJ - Landscape Architect: HM White & Margie Ruddick Vertical garden surface: 1100 square feet - Plants quantities:10000 Slope: 6000
  • February 2014 Mount Sinai Roosvelt Doctor Office NYC Vertical garden surface: 84 square feet - Plants quantities: 700
  • September 2013 Residential Terrace Lawrence, NY - Architect: Gunn Landscape Curved vertical garden surface: 234 square feet - Plants quantities: 1200
  • August 2013 Residential Upper West Side NYC - Architect: Corvin Matei Vertical garden surface: 65 square feet - Plants quantities: 500
  • April 2013 Residential Hudson Street NYC - Architect: Plants Construction Vertical garden surface: 400 square feet - Plants quantities: 1700
  • February 2013 Duggal greenhouse - Brooklyn Navy Yard - Architect: Studio Go Vertical garden surface: 400 square feet - Plants quantities: 1750
  • Mars 2012 Siemens - Istanbul, TURKEY - Architect: Mehmet Bassek Vertical garden surface: 109 square feet - Plants quantities: 382
  • December 2011 Residential loft NYC Vertical garden surface: 42 square feet - Plants quantities: 180
  • May 2011 Balmer Parc Corporate Office Building NYC -Two (2) Vertical gardens, total surface: 48 square feet - Plants quantities: 200
  • July 2010 Gustorganics Restaurant NYC - Two (2) Vertical gardens, total surface: 109 square feet - Plants quantities: 382
  • October 2010 Residential Terrace Williamsburg Brooklyn - Vertical garden surface: 56 square feet - Plants quantities: 170
  • February 2009 Private Greenhouse Marseille, France - Architect: Marius Bernard, France - Vertical garden surface: 60 square feet - Plants quantities: 260
  • October 2009 Lincoln Center David Rubenstein Atrium NYC - Architect: Todd Williams Billie Tsien architects - Two Vertical gardens, total surface: 1100 square feet - Plants quantities: 3300
  • July 2008 Roubaud Plant Nursery Marseille, France - Architect: Marius Bernard, France - Vertical garden surface: 40 square feet - Plants quantities: 120
  • February 2008 Residential Loft  West side NYC - Architect: CMS Architecture, NY - Vertical garden surface: 161 square feet - Plants quantities: 483
  • April 2007 Grayz Restaurant NYC - Architect: Leslie Jill Hanson, NY - Vertical garden surface: 361 square feet - Plants quantities: 1083
  • February 2007 Sheraton Centre Hotel Toronto, Canada - Architect: Rockwell Group, NY - Live Arch: 450 square feet - Plants quantities: 1350
  • June 2006 Phyto Universe Spa NYC - Architect: Suk Design, NY - Vertical garden surface: 3000 Square Feet- Plants quantities: 9000


plantwalldesign is a company that specializes in creating and designing customized live vertical gardens, plant walls, green walls and botanical advertising using a patented hydroponic technology.

Our plantwalldesign can be installed indoors and outdoors and enhances the beauty of any space it inhabits.

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