Plant Wall

plantwalldesign specializes in customized live vertical gardens, also known as green walls,  living walls, vegetated walls, and plant walls.

Artistic vegetal sequences are designed and rendered using tropical plants to beautify the spaces they inhabit and leave a sense of serenity and well-being.

Since 2007, plantwalldesign  has created indoor and outdoor projects in public spaces, offices, lobbies, universities, stores, cafés, restaurants, and private residences.

plantwalldesign works with architects, developers, general contractors, plumbers, electricians, and directly with home and business owners to coordinate and bring projects to life.

Scope of Work / What We Do
For Arcitects & Developers

Design Development (DD): Sketch coordination with architect, including wall sections, elevations, piping/pump diagrams, location of lighting, production of outline specification similar to the CSI specifications.

Construction Documentation (CD): Coordination of plants species and layout with architect.
– Continued consultation/coordination with architect, particularly as relating to anticipated value engineering of size and construction of walls.
– Production of CSI ( construction specifications institute) specifications.

Construction Administration (CA): Review of shop drawings, review of wall construction and related plumbing, electrical, and lighting systems, supervision of plants installation.


Submittals: Product data in the form of manufacturer’s current catalog cut sheets/specifications, samples as necessary (structure, expanded pvc, felt, valves …). Description of inventory of plants warranty (where applicable).

Products / systems: Description of hardware, plumbing and electrical systems itemized list of materials and products quantities (with descriptions).

Execution: Outline of preparation steps and procedures for construction of wall, and preparation steps and procedures for planting.

Testing: Description of waterproofing test, description of irrigation/drainage system test.

Maintenance: Description of maintenance requirements.

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